[m-users.] Profiling

Delmas Buckley rbuckley at ieee.org
Tue Apr 21 01:52:40 AEST 2015

Hi -- I want to use profiling and have tried to find posts related to that
topic. But have discovered that I don't know how to search the user and
developer posts, short of clicking on each thread or subject button in
hopes of finding something useful. I've learned in the past that the
manuals are not always up to date. So
(1) How can I search the lists?
(2) Can anyone provide a few simple templates for (a) compiling for
profiling, and (b) executing with profiling.

Here's what I've tried:
$  mmc --use-grade-subdirs -m -p <base_file_name>

And then:
$  ./<base_file_name>

Am I doing it right?

Thanks for any help.

Best regards,
Robert Buckley
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