[m-users.] Mercury mmc --make error

Julien Fischer jfischer at opturion.com
Tue Oct 7 19:35:37 AEDT 2014


On Tue, 7 Oct 2014, Roger Qiu wrote:

> I tried again this time with the VC compiled version.
> I had Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0 bin on the path, and I added all of Mercury’s bin to the PATH.

IIRC, there's more required in order to use VC from the command line
than just adding the bin directory to the PATH.  Typically, there's a
"Visual Studio Command Line" shortcut or menu item somewhere that gives
you a cmd.exe session with all of the relevant environment variables for
using VC set up.

> Now when I run it gives me no errors, but no compiled executables either.
> $ mercury.bat -m hello                                                                                                                     14-10-07 18:19:31
> Making Mercury\int3s\hello.int3
> Making Mercury\ints\hello.int
> Making Mercury\cs\hello.c
> Making Mercury\objs\hello.obj
> $ ls                                                                                                                                                       14-10-07 18:20:49
> hello.err*  hello.m*  hello.mh*  Mercury/
> I tried once before, but it complained about the cl.exe, which I then added in by putting the visual studio as part of the PATH.

Try re-running it with --verbose-commands; copying the executable out of
the Mercury subdirectory should be the last thing that it does.
(Actually, you may want to check that hello.exe isn't somwhere inside
the Mercury subdirector -- it may be that just the copy operation


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