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anonymous mucaho at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 31 10:01:25 AEDT 2014

Greetings fellow Mercury users!

First of all, kudos to the developers & community of Mercury!

I just recently started to discover the world beyond C, Java & Co and I am absolutely amazed. 

First I took a look at Scala. It's a great language to transition from Java and raised my appetite for declarative programming.

After extensive search & comparison I found my hobby language of choice - Mercury:
* It has JVM interoperability (Write frontend gui code in Java/Scala, use Mercury for backend business logic)
* Logic rules (Horn clauses) -> in & out modes for parameters
* Higher-order functions with good standard library (e.g. list and fold)

* Typeclasses (sweet!)
* It surely has more features I will need to discover (e.g. what about parallelization? IDE-support? etc.)

On paper it sounds astonishing, I hope my future practical endeavours confirm that :)

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