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Hi Mucaho,

On 31 March 2014 14:16, anonymous <mucaho at yahoo.com> wrote:

> I would also like to add that I found an eclipse plugin which offers
> syntax highlighting, errors / warning (during editing) and from the looks
> of it you can interface with existing java code more conveniently (since
> you are in eclipse already :) ). http://kai.mercury.mind-era.com/home
   As the author of the mentioned plugin, I would add that I am not
satisfied with the result. As I remember there were two approaches that I
tried, but both had weaknesses. When I tried to use a simple grammar, I was
able to report the errors in proper lines (though with additional parsing
in the error messages), but no help during coding besides basic syntax
highlighting. The more accurate grammar offered better experience regarding
code completion, but the information to properly report the errors was
lost. I was thinking proper error reporting is much more useful than code
completion, so the downloadable plugin contains that version. Probably
neither version is good enough for larger projects, not too well tested
(the plugin, not the compiler).
   Last December I bought a book about Xtext, so after reading it, I might
have a better idea how to solve the problems related to the version with
completion, that would be quite cool. Also a native Java Mercury compiler
would be very useful (even without the mmc environment, preferably with
services to find out dependencies and other cool features an IDE would
need). If there are volunteers to work on this, I can share the code in its
infancy, though it is very possible that this plugin will never be improved
by myself.
Cheers, gabor

PS.: I had a similar route regarding the programming languages. :)
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