[m-users.] Installing a subset of built grades

Mark Green mgreen at brookes.ac.uk
Wed May 29 04:18:33 AEST 2013


I'm currently having some problems compiling the non-native grades of
Mercury13.03 on MingW, but the native grades compiled fine (after the first
failure I was able to used the successfully installed native grades to
bootstrap the next attempts).

However whenever I try to do the install again, the make script insists on
building all of the already-existing native grades, and then goes to
install them, generating nothing but a series of "<filename> is unchanged"
messages but having spent an hour or more building the grade.  Is there any
way to tell the installer which grades to install without reconfiguring the
project, or to tell it not to install grades that have already been
installed successfully? (Perhaps it could store hashes for each
successfully installed file in a grade, and if the existing file matches
the hash it does not build it again?)

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