[mercury-users] Use .cs library files directly without mer_std.dll

Jeff Thompson jeff at thefirst.org
Sat Sep 8 16:24:27 AEST 2012

On 9/6/2012 5:08 PM, Peter Wang wrote:
> On Thu, 06 Sep 2012 15:46:04 -0700, Jeff Thompson <jeff at thefirst.org> wrote:
>> Hello.  I am able to complie Mercury with the csharp grade to make
>> mer_std.dll. But I would like my C# application to use the Mercury
>> library .cs files directly, without needing to reference the mer_Std.dll
>> assembly.
>> Is this possible?  It seems that "make install LIBGRADES=csharp" deletes
>> the intermediate .cs files after it links them into mer_std.dll.  Is
>> there a way to make the build process  preserve them?
> touch .leave_tmp_dir before installing.

Awesome!  This worked great.

To compile the library .cs files directly (in Microsoft Visual C#), I 
had to define the symbol MR_HIGHLEVEL_DATA to make rtti_implementation 
happy.  What does MR_HIGHLEVEL_DATA do?

Thanks for the help,
- Jeff

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