[mercury-users] Problems building with Erlang grade

Julien Fischer juliensf at csse.unimelb.edu.au
Sun May 27 21:55:38 AEST 2012


On Sun, 27 May 2012, Snooty Monkey wrote:

> It does Julien:
> mmc --grade erlang --make hello
> Making Mercury/int3s/hello.int3
> Making Mercury/ints/hello.int
> Making Mercury/erls/hello.erl
> Making Mercury/beams/hello.beam
> Making hello
> Thanks! What's the difference?

The former appears to be buggy, the latter not buggy ;-)

> I thought --erlang was just a synonym for --grade erlang?

Not quite.  --erlang sets (or should set) the target language to Erlang,
leaving other grade components unchanged;  --grade erlang should both
set the target language to Erlang and reset all other grade components
to their default values.  (I'm not quite sure what's going wrong with
--erlang at the moment.  The error message you were getting indicates
that at least part of the compiler still thinks that the target language
is C -- I will look into it.)

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