[mercury-users] unsorted_aggregate argument order

Jeff Thompson jeff at thefirst.org
Fri Jan 6 10:37:14 AEDT 2012

Hello.  The Library Reference for unsorted_aggregate says it is 
equivalent to:
          % unsorted_aggregate(Generator, Accumulator, Acc0, Acc) <=>
          %   unsorted_solutions(Generator, Solutions),
          %   list.foldl(Accumulator, Solutions, Acc0, Acc).

Does the  interface further guarantee in which order the arguments are 
passed to Accumulator?  In other words, on the first call to 
Accumulator, is it guaranteed that Acc0 will be in argument position 1 
or 2?  (I can determine what it does now, but I'm worried about future 
compatibility with upgrades.)

Thanks for any help,
- Jeff

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