[mercury-users] Incomprehensible error output, even with -E.

Michael Richter ttmrichter at gmail.com
Thu Feb 2 16:01:25 AEDT 2012

On 2 February 2012 05:50, Julian Fondren <ayrnieu at gmail.com> wrote:

> to make the problem clearer, you have here
>   A = (func(X) = B, C),
> How is this not like your definitions of named functions?
It's got a lambda instead of a :- func body?

Maybe I'm fundamentally misunderstanding the syntax of funcs vs. preds.
 (There doesn't appear to be a grammar for Mercury in the language
reference so I'm only inferring what's permitted and what's not.)

Let's say I have a predicate like this:

a(X,Y) :- Y = X.

This is fine, right?  And the equivalent written as a function is this:

a(X) = X.

I know this is fine because I've just tested it.  The compiler doesn't
vomit.  Now let's say that I want to do a calculation on X first.  Here
it'll be a brain-dead calculation but the principle is the same whether
it's something stupid like this or something that actually warrants
breaking out the calculation into its own sub-step:

a(X,Y) :- B = X * 2, Y = B.

Again, the compiler doesn't puke on this and the result is as expected.  So
the equivalent function is:

a(X) = B = X * 2, B.

Only that doesn't work because you get an operator precedence error on "=".
 (It also looks pretty retarded.)  Time for plan B.

a(X) = (B = X * 2, B).

Whiiiiiiiiiiich… gives me the error that's mystified me so long.  I may be
on to something here!  Let me take another crack at it.  Looking at the
library source I see another way that functions are defined.  Let me see if
the same kind of structure helps here.

a(X) = Y :- B = X * 2, Y = B.

OK, that works.  So let's see how that looks in a lambda.

A = (func(X) = Y :- B = X * 2, Y = B).

OK, that seems to work, so let's make B a func as well:

    A = (func(X) = Y :-
            B = (func(X) = Y :-
                    Y = X * 2
            Y = B

And…  Now I'm even more confused.  Yesterday when I tried that very
structure I got lots of whining from the compiler about syntax errors on
the :-. Damn.

Well, thanks for making me look at it more rigorously, Julian.  I don't
know why it broke when I first tried it that way, but at least this gets me
a step farther now!

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