[mercury-users] Quick Recursion Question

Charles Shuller charles.shuller at gmail.com
Sat Apr 21 07:42:21 AEST 2012

I was reading some sample code in the Posix extension library and saw:

main_loop(Data, ListenFd, !IO) :-
     await_conn(ListenFd, ConnFd, !IO),
     handle_conn(Data, ConnFd, !IO),
     main_loop(Data, ListenFd, !IO).

And the first thing I think of is that the stack will be consumed 
without bounds as every recursion into main_loop consumes more memory.

Then I thought that perhaps Mercury predicates didn't work quite the 
same way as a function in C.

So will the above simply consume ever more ram as every request calls 
main_loop again?

If it does not, how come?


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