[mercury-users] cannot link tomercury std libs

Julien Fischer juliensf at csse.unimelb.edu.au
Wed Nov 16 16:31:24 AEDT 2011

On Wed, 16 Nov 2011, Francis (Grizzly) Smit wrote:

> On 13/11/11 21:46, Julien Fischer wrote:
>> mmc --output-libgrades
> grizzlysmit at pern:~/public_html/python$ mmc --output-libgrades
> asm_fast.gc
> asm_fast.gc.debug
> asm_fast.gc.decldebug
> asm_fast.gc.memprof
> asm_fast.gc.prof
> asm_fast.gc.profdeep
> asm_fast.gc.trseg
> asm_fast.gc.trseg.debug
> asm_fast.par.gc
> hlc.gc
> hlc.gc.trseg
> hlc.par.gc
> hmmm no grade  asm_fast.gc.tr , I wonder why I thought I installed all of 
> them

By default, the current version of Mercury only installs the trseg
versions of the trailing grades, not the tr ones.
(Having a fixed-sized trail is not useful in practice.)
The Mmakefile in this directory predates the addition of trseg grades.

Returning to your original problem, I suggest that you don't use the
Mmakefile in extras/reference to build that library --  the Mmakefile
seems horribly out-of-date in many respects.  You can use mmc --make to
build and install the library in only those trseg grades that are
installed by doing:

    $ mmc --libgrades-include-component trseg 	\
          --extra-library-header c_reference.h 	\
 	 --install-prefix <dir>                 \
          --make libglobal.install

That should be somewhat more reliable that then mmake based approach.
(Set <dir> to whatever the installation directory should be.)
This above also installs c_reference.h which was something that the
Mmakefile neglected to do.

I will replace the Mmakefile in that directory with something more
appropriate to the current version of Mercury shortly.

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