[mercury-users] Building mercury-extras

Yavor Papazov yavorpap at gmail.com
Sat Jul 30 08:02:25 AEST 2011

Hello, Mercury users.

I have a very basic question: How exactly do I build the stuff from the
mercury-extras package (tarball actually)?

The README says to do `mmake depend' to the root directory, then go to each
subdir and do `mmake' and `mmake install'.

However, `mmake depend' fails, because lex has no target 'depend'. When I go
directly to the subdirs, some of them do not have any targets at all: for
example base64 contains only one file and the CVS subfolder. So, I'd
appreciate a little bit more detailed instruction on building the extras.
Perhaps the process is different for each subfolder? Or I am no reading the
right place? If so, could you point me in the correct direction?

Also, another partly related question: while building I glimpsed something
like libmer_www, does that mean Mercury has some sort of web framework?

Thanks for your time.
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