[mercury-users] Building mercury-extras

Julien Fischer juliensf at csse.unimelb.edu.au
Mon Aug 1 03:18:32 AEST 2011


On Sat, 30 Jul 2011, Yavor Papazov wrote:

> I have a very basic question: How exactly do I build the stuff from the
> mercury-extras package (tarball actually)?
> The README says to do `mmake depend' to the root directory, then go to each
> subdir and do `mmake' and `mmake install'.

I'm not sure where it says to do an `mmake depend' in the root
directory, but at best that seems out-of-date.

Currently, there is no uniform way of building and installing the
packages in the extras distribution.  Some of them use mmake, others use
mmc --make and others don't provide any automated way of building them.
(For the latter, you can probably just use mmc --make).

> However, `mmake depend' fails, because lex has no target 'depend'.

lex is not built using mmake; there are instructions for building
it in the README and Makefile files in the lex directory.

> When I go directly to the subdirs, some of them do not have any
> targets at all: for example base64 contains only one file and the CVS
> subfolder.

You can use mmc --make to build and install it as a library, by doing

    mmc --make libbase64.install

> So, I'd appreciate a little bit more detailed instruction on building
> the extras.

Most (e.g. those with an Mmakefile file) are built by going into the
relevant subdirectory and doing

   $ mmake depend
   $ mmake install

Others, such as lex, and the cairo and allegro bindings have normal
Makefiles (that invoke mmc --make).

> Also, another partly related question: while building I glimpsed something
> like libmer_www, does that mean Mercury has some sort of web framework?

It is described in the README file as:

    A couple of Mercury library modules for doing HTML forms
    programming using CGI (Common Gateway Interface).

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