[mercury-users] csharp grade error in mdb.browse.cs

Jeff Thompson jeff at thefirst.org
Mon Nov 29 13:44:06 AEDT 2010

On 11/28/2010 4:27 PM, Peter Wang wrote:
> On 2010-11-27, Jeff Thompson<jeff at thefirst.org>  wrote:
>> I was able to build top_level.exe.  When I try to compile a .m file
>> I get the following errors. The file builtin.int is there in the
>> subdirectory Mercury/ints.  Do I need to add something so that
>> mercury_compile can find it?
>> mercury_compile: cannot find `builtin.int' in directories .
>> mercury_compile: cannot find `io.int' in directories .
>> mercury_compile: cannot find `private_builtin.int' in directories .
> Yes, --use-subdirs, which is implied by mmc --make.  You have to use
> mmc --make if targetting C#, as `mmc -s csharp foo' will still assume
> you are trying to link a C program (a low priority bug).
> You can use top_level.exe with an existing Mercury installation by
> overriding the MERCURY_COMPILER environment variable in the mmc script.
> Override it with a shell script that calls: mono /path/to/top_level.exe "$@"

If I need to use top_level.exe with make scripts, then does it only work 
in the original environment?  I was trying to see if I could run 
top_level.exe in Windows which can't use the make scripts. (By the way, 
simple generated .cs files compile and run great in Visual Studio .NET 
in Windows.)

> P.S. I committed a fix for the name being the same as the enclosing class.

Thanks for the quick action! I'll give it a try.

- Jeff

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