[mercury-users] Question about --runtime-flags

Peter Ross pro at missioncriticalit.com
Thu May 22 09:39:58 AEST 2008

In the mercury manual, they say that you can set runtime flags during
compile-time using the --runtime-flags option of ml, however, it doesn't
seem to work for me.

When I run:

 MERCURY_OPTIONS=--nondetstack-size=20000 ./smals_server

everything works ok. But when I add the following line to Mercury.options:

 MLFLAGS+=--runtime-flags "--nondetstack-size 20000"

the setting doesn't seem to be taken into effect because the server crashes with

 Mercury runtime: memory zone nondetstack#0 overflowed
 PC at signal: 148878096 (8dfb310)
 This may have been caused by a stack overflow, due to unbounded recursion.

Any idea how to make it work or what am I doing wrong?

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