[mercury-users] Currying to create a higher-order value.

Paul Bone pbone at csse.unimelb.edu.au
Wed Sep 26 13:53:05 AEST 2007

Recently I submitted a changeset to mercury-reviews for review.  Peter
suggested that could use currying to write less code, I've used currying
before to create a higher order term from a predicate name and some
variables such as.

    map(transform(Some, Args), ListIn, ListOut)

However I already have a higher order term which I'm trying to curry.
This seems to upset the complier.

    list.takewhile(RawThresholdPred(Deep, Threshold), DescendingPSIs, TopPSIs, 

I receive the following error.

    top_procs.m:108: In clause for function `find_top_procs'/5:
    top_procs.m:108:   in argument 1 of call to predicate
    top_procs.m:108:   in unification of argument
    top_procs.m:108:   and term `RawThresholdPred(Deep, Threshold)':
    top_procs.m:108:   type error in argument(s) of higher-order term (with
    top_procs.m:108:   2). 
    top_procs.m:108:   Functor (RawThresholdPred) has type
    top_procs.m:108:   float, int)',
    top_procs.m:108:   expected type was `(func(V_32, V_31) = V_33)';
    top_procs.m:108:   argument 1 (Deep) has type `(profile.deep)',
    top_procs.m:108:   expected type was `V_32';
    top_procs.m:108:   argument 2 (Threshold) has type `float',
    top_procs.m:108:   expected type was `V_31'.

Is this a limiitation of the complier or should I be looking for a
different way to do this.  The origital code which I'm trying to improve

    ThresholdPred = (pred(PSI::in) is semidet :-
        RawThresholdPred(Deep, Threshold, PSI)
    list.takewhile(RawThresholdPred(Deep, Threshold), DescendingPSIs, TopPSIs, 


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