[mercury-users] debugging interfaces to C libraries

Jörg Roman Rudnick joerg.rudnick at t-online.de
Wed May 30 17:14:55 AEST 2007

Dear all,

Doug just reminded me about sitting over mercury_tk and in fact having a 
little worry:

Although with some experience of the C interface of Tcl/Tk, I am afraid 
to be in lack of some professional techniques which would make work 
easier for me:

How do you conveniently dive into a C backend of an interface when 
A major problem is that the 'highlights' of Tk -- text and canvas widget 
-- seem to crash at a higher rate of user interaction (did somebody 
encounter that, too??).

Similar problems were reported to me about the Tcl/Tk interface of 
Haskell, so that it could be an issue of some mismatch of message 
exchange -- a.k.a. a need of a better understanding of what is happening 
inside Tcl/Tk.

Any hint or weblink might do greatly; I would regard my experience as 
quite limited... ;-)

Thanks in advance,


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