[mercury-users] Dynamic call graph drawer for Mercury?

Maria Garcia de la Banda Maria.GarciadelaBanda at infotech.monash.edu.au
Thu May 24 14:37:00 AEST 2007

The paper contains some screen shots, Google it with: 

 author = {M. Cameron and M. Garcia de la Banda and K. Marriott and P. 
 title = {ViMer: a visual debugger for mercury},
 booktitle = {PPDP '03: Proceedings of the 5th ACM SIGPLAN international 
conference on Principles and practice of declaritive programming},
 year = {2003},
 isbn = {1-58113-705-2},
 pages = {56--66},
 location = {Uppsala, Sweden},
 doi = {http://doi.acm.org/10.1145/888251.888258},
 publisher = {ACM Press},
 address = {New York, NY, USA},

I can send you the pdf if you want (I don;t want to spam the list).

Cheers, Maria 

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