[mercury-users] Is there a way to tell if a method, variable, etc. is local or external when creating .NET il code?

Eric Taucher gluon at earthlink.net
Mon May 21 08:51:07 AEST 2007

I am trying to modify Mercury to use .NET 2.0 and believe that the changes
from assembly references to module references for external items is correct
per my previous posting, but I don't know enough about the compilation
process at present to come up with another solution. If this is not the
correct solution, then please let me know. 


In the mean time the plan is to proceed on using external module references
and so help is needed in determining if or how Mercury identifies methods,
variables, etc, as external and needing an external module reference so that
the changes to the generation of the IL code for .NET 2.0 can be tested.
Also of interest is if external items such as builtin, bool, list, string,
char, etc. should be referenced as external modules.





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