[mercury-users] A step toward getting Mercury to compile to Microsoft .NET 2.0

Eric Taucher gluon at earthlink.net
Sun May 20 06:03:02 AEST 2007

If you have tried to compile Mercury with the -il option using .NET 2.0 you
will eventually get to the following problem noted in the dev mailing list.

rcury-developers.200605/0005.html> Mercury on .NET 2 and Mono 


With help from Jonathan Morgan, I have been able to get a stripped down
version of dir__csharp_code.cs to compile. The step at which
dir__csharp_code.cs is compiled is what causes the errors noted above.


The errors were cause by the modules being referenced as assemblies. Once
the IL code was changed in a sandbox version that recreated the errors,
dir__csharp_code.cs compiled.


Now that the signature of the problem is known, I will work toward fixing
the code for the compiler, but as I only built Mercury for the first time a
week ago, I have a lot of catching up. 


Attached is a diff between the sandboxed Mercury code and valid code that
shows the specific changes.


If you are working on getting Mercury to build with -il using .NET 2.0, I
would be interested in working together. I am in New Jersey, USA, so for
those of you in Australia, it will be interesting.







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