[mercury-users] Gretings and checking the install procedure

Maximillian Murphy m at de-minimis.co.uk
Sun May 13 04:51:03 AEST 2007

Dear All,


I wonder whether you can give me any indication about the following:  I downloaded the mercury source and tried to install it.  The first attempt (last weekend) failed.  However when building I remember noticing a message flicking past the screen saying that since mercury was not already installed, the mercury compiler would not be able to support unbound floats (by memory, does that sound right?) and that it might be a good idea to install mercury again after completing the install.  So that's what I'm doing now.  Does this sound plausible?  It seems like a good idea to check such things when dealing with complex beasts such as compiler compilers!


I'm running on debian amd64, kernel 2.6.18, gcc 4.1.2, gnu make 3.81.  I think those are all my values corresponding to entries in the requirements list.

Build the first seemed to succeed.  The commands were:

mkdir downloads
cp mercury-compiler.versiondetails.tar.gz downloads/

cp -R downloads install
cd install
untar mercury-compiler*
cd mercury-compiler.versionnumber
./configure &&
echo $?
(switch to root terminal)
make install
echo $?
I then tried compiling a hello world from the mercury tutorial.  The compiler commplained lots.  I downloaded the mercury-tests.versionnumber.tar.gz file and found a hullo sun file in there.  When that didn't compile either I knew I had a problem so I gave up and dined.
Just now, I'm running:
cp -R download/ reinstall/
cd reinstall
untar ...
cd mercury-compiler...
./configure &&
make install

I _didn't_ uninstall the existing attempt at a mercury compiler first.  I reckoned that if I did that the second run would be no better than the first.

Am I on the right track or do you think something's gone horribly wrong?

Many thanks for your help.
Maximillian Murphy <m at de-minimis.co.uk>
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