[mercury-users] Mercury Anarchive proposal

Marcos Dumay de Medeiros marcosdumay at gmail.com
Sat Mar 3 06:24:43 AEDT 2007

There are two options of dealing with licences:
	1: You dictate the licences (LGPL + Artistic are ok) and everybody contribute 
code on them.
	2: The archive manages multiple licences. If so, I can help with the manager 
(but I'm new to Mercury).

I'm not sure that sourceforge will accept the second option (I don't know 
their exact policy about that), but it is very likely they will if we 
restrict it to free software.

> ...In principle, this ought to be easy:
> :- type license ---> lgpl; artistic; ... wish more?... .

If we go multiple licences, yes, I wish... There are some big lists already 
done at FSF and OSI sites.

> Changing the license of a package would be just changing the README.term.

That's good.

> Ondrej.

I'm looking at the manager right now to see how to add the licence. If you 
want to use multiple licences, I can take a look at sourceforge policy either 
and gather the list of licences... And whatever more is needed.

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