[mercury-users] Debian package?

Roy Ward royward770 at actrix.co.nz
Fri Jun 1 14:11:53 AEST 2007

Julien Fischer wrote:

> The appropriate version of gcc for 0.13.1 would be gcc 3.4.

Thanks for that.

 From the web page: http://www.mercury.cs.mu.oz.au/download/release.html

>  We recommend GCC 3.4.x or 4.1.x.

Is there some reason for using gcc 3.4 over gcc 4.1? In unstable (where Mercury would first be going), gcc 4.1 is 
current, gcc 4.2 is on the way at some stage, and I've seen some discussion (can't find a link) about dropping some of 
the older gcc versions.

I've been using gcc 4.1.1 (the default in testing) with Mercury 0.13 (OK, I need to update that) on amd64.

Perhaps I need to do some testing here (unless someone else already has). I can test locally on amd64, i386 and (with 
some effort) may be able to test on powerpc. Certainly if there's some known problems with gcc 4.1.x, then gcc 3.4 may 
be a better choice.

Roy Ward.
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