[mercury-users] To the developers of Mercury!

Markus Triska markus.triska at gmx.at
Fri Jan 5 22:45:03 AEDT 2007

RMJ <radse1 at yahoo.com> writes:

> I've finished most of the basic features of the IDE that I'm
> building for Mercury. Now is the time to create the special
> highlighter for the language.

Some snippets taken from "Prolog mode for (X)Emacs" which also
supports Mercury and is available from
http://turing.ubishops.ca/home/bruda/emacs-prolog/ :

    ("all" "else" "end_module" "equality" "external" "fail" "func" "if"
     "implementation" "import_module" "include_module" "inst" "instance"
     "interface" "mode" "module" "not" "pragma" "pred" "some" "then" "true"
     "type" "typeclass" "use_module" "where")

    ("char" "float" "int" "io__state" "string" "univ")

    ("bound" "di" "free" "ground" "in" "mdi" "mui" "muo" "out" "ui" "uo")

    ("cc_multi" "cc_nondet" "det" "erroneous" "failure" "multi" "nondet"

The mode also contains very useful features for editing.

All the best,
Markus Triska
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