[mercury-users] Mercury Anarchive proposal

Ondrej Bojar bojar at csse.unimelb.edu.au
Fri Feb 23 19:28:45 AEDT 2007

Julian Fondren wrote:
> The Erlang community has 'jungerl', a 'jungle of Erlang code',
> as a source code repository with easy addition of maintainers,
> as with your idea, and I think it has not been nearly as
> successful as much simpler schemes in e.g. the Ruby community,
> which originally had a 'Ruby Application Archive' that didn't
> even host the projects it listed and linked to.

Could you describe in a more detail what could have made the difference? I 
know Erlang and Ruby only by name, so I cannot really assess if the main 
reason could not be simply the attractiveness of the language. Or possibly 
just a random coincidence (caused by attractiveness of the language) so that 
more active people ended around Ruby than around Erlang?

>>           # ideally, the pre-commit validation would not allow 
>> committing if
>>           # any package fails some of the tests after your change that 
>> were
>>           # successful before your change
> Why is this ideal?  The most amazingly test-driven project I've
> seen, the Perl6-in-Haskell Pugs project, -needs- failing tests.

A test that should fail is easily changed to a test that must not fail.

If you are implementing a compiler/interpreter, you surely wish to have tests 
that fail to compile. If you are collecting a set of useful routines, I cannot 
see any point in having tests checking that a routine does not succeed -- I do 
not mean that a semidet predicate would fail (that is a success), I mean a 
test ensuring that a routine does never finish.

> If no tests fail, then the project is done!
                   ^ and all thinkable inputs have been checked to return
                     expected outputs

> The alternative to 'version spaghetti' is: a constant mild
> earthquake as one project incompatibly updates and N other
> projects no longer build.  Both of these alternatives require
> maintenance to clean things up, but when 'version spaghetti'
> gets bit-rotten, things just get a bit ugly.  When your
> preference gets bit-rotten, even a little bit, everything
> is exploded and useless.

I do not quite understand you, but I surely prefer the constant mild 
earthquake and all contributors authorized to do the little maintenance needed.

>> 2. People are kindly asked to stick to coding style of the package 
>> they are
>> modifying. Bringing your own package, you can bring your own style.
> They are kindly asked to do something you intend to enforce? :-)

I was speaking of formatting issues. Once there is an 'indent' program for 
Mercury, I would enforce uniform formatting convention and the term 'coding 
style' would reduce to variable naming, breaking code into subroutines, level 
of commenting, algorithm design...

Thanks for all your comments,

Ondrej Bojar (mailto:obo at cuni.cz / bojar at ufal.mff.cuni.cz)
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