[mercury-users] Converting time_t to int using common library?

Mark Brown mark at csse.unimelb.edu.au
Thu Feb 22 14:49:22 AEDT 2007

On 22-Feb-2007, ok <ok at cs.otago.ac.nz> wrote:
> On 20 Feb 2007, at 6:47 pm, Mark Brown wrote:
> >	All random number generators have their weak points.
> >
> >	Every RNG has its deficiencies. No RNG is appropriate for all tasks.
> >
> >This is why I've been objecting all along to the idea of putting  
> >"the best"
> >RNG in the standard library, or of giving our endorsement to any  
> >particular
> >implementation, or indeed of implying that there even exists such a  
> >thing
> >as the best RNG.
> It would simply be morally wrong to provide a random number generator  
> that was KNOWN
> to be bad.

Do you want to tell Knuth or should I?  :-S


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