[mercury-users] Learning Mercury at Melbourne (Was: Re: 15 problems I had learning (as much as I have...) about Mercury.)

Ben White bwhite at cat.net.au
Wed Feb 14 10:45:28 AEDT 2007

(oops, resent using the correct return address)

> Anyway, I think maybe someone else learning Mercury will
> see this technique or that page and find it helpful.

Apologies if this is off-topic for much of the readership, but on the off
chance some other confused soul stumbles across this message I thought
this would be a good question to pose here.

Back as an undergrad I dabbled in logic programming, but was whisked away
into the industry before getting deeper into the subject.  Now, I'm very
keen to get back into logic and constraint programming, and have been
fortunate enough to return to Melbourne to take some coursework.  Does
anyone have any suggestions for specific subjects at the 600 level that
give a good grounding in these and related fields?


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