[mercury-users] 15 problems I had learning (as much as I have...) about Mercury.

Julian Fondren ayrnieu at gmail.com
Mon Feb 12 22:27:11 AEDT 2007

As of sending this, the following URL shows all of them, and
only them.


They have varying degrees of trivialty.  The process of

  1. have an error!
  2. copy error to ~/outgoing/mercury-hair-n
  3. research error
  4. fix up #2 and post it with a cute title and tags

really helped me learn to understand Mercury's error messages,
I think, and definitely kept me motivated even when the
error seemed particulary mysterious and frustrating (the
'seemingly spurious' error I asked about earlier on this
list was one of those).

I haven't posted this to reddit or any such buzz site
(they hate LJ indexes like that, anyway), so you needn't
worry that people are judging Mercury by -my- perceptions.

Anyway, I think maybe someone else learning Mercury will
see this technique or that page and find it helpful.


p.s. this post inspired me to use that 'mercury-hair-n'

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