[mercury-users] [Feature request] Printing reasonable floats/printer pred

doug.auclair at logicaltypes.com doug.auclair at logicaltypes.com
Mon Feb 12 13:29:50 AEDT 2007

Dear all, Julien wrote:

>write/{3,4} are based on stream.string_writer.write which doesn't
>(necessarily) have access to the I/O state.
>I think a better solution would be to pass an additional argument
>to write that specifies things like how floats should be formatted.
>(The default settings for this argument would correspond to the
>existing behaviour for write/{3,4}).
[snip etc]

Okay, if that allows user control of printing types (floats, specifically,
or T, generally), and doesn't, at the same time, make life harder for
JRandom user who doesn't care and just wishes to print some value without
needing to specific additional arguments, and if this way works better
for the Mercury team, I'm all for it.  My original suggestion (parameter
to io.state) was unstudied, but I hope I conveyed enough information
as to what would be (very) nice feature to have ...

Doug Auclair

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