[mercury-users] Mercury seems OK on OpenBSD/zaurus

Julian Fondren ayrnieu at gmail.com
Thu Feb 8 02:36:38 AEDT 2007

Resend.  Sorry about the broken previous email -- gmail didn't warn
me about it.  I tried posting this twice from gnus to gmane.org ,
but I suppose by the silence that the list rejected both.

(The 'zaurus' part of the subject refers to the Sharp's SL-C3200, of a
family of clamshell devices with host USB, &c, that OpenBSD targets as
a platform.  Of interest here: it has one 416MHz processor and 64MB of

I already knew that boehm GC did not work currently on this arch, so I
altered configure to only use the 'asm_fast' (no '.gc') grade, and
then passed `--enable-libgrades=asm_fast` so that it would presumably
not try anything else.  After this, everything built without any

So far, things seem OK.  mmc has as nice aspect in that it will
instantly tell you about errors:

  $ time mmc list_test.m
  list_test.m:009: In clause for predicate `list_test.length/2':
  list_test.m:009:   error: ambiguous overloading causes type ambiguity.
  list_test.m:009:   One or more of the predicates or functions called
  list_test.m:009:   is declared in more than one module.
  list_test.m:009:   Try adding explicit module qualifiers.
      0m6.30s real     0m1.21s user     0m0.64s system

and spends more time on correct code:

  $ time mmc hello.m
  # omitting OpenBSD warnings about e.g., sprintf()
      0m47.43s real     0m7.81s user     0m7.57s system

Although swapping is a very serious issue on this machine, as you can

  6.30-(1.21+0.64) + 47.43-(7.81+7.57) = 36.50 seconds of swap

Hopefully that issue will clear up some as boehm comes to work on this
arch and backends like the bytecode one mature.  Anyway, swapping
hurts less in debugging: repetitions of the first example drop down to

As 'mmake' in mercury-tests starts over from the beginning, and I had
to interrupt the process to get some work done, I only have test failures
up to the test of `hard_coded/any_call_hoist_bug`, which I interrupted:

debugger/interpreter in grade asm_fast
debugger/uci_index in grade asm_fast
debugger/browser_test in grade asm_fast
debugger/interactive in grade asm_fast
general/intermod_type in grade asm_fast
general/mode_inference_reorder in grade asm_fast
general/string_to_float in grade asm_fast
general/string_format/string_format_o in grade asm_fast

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