[mercury-users] XMLer in mmc not picking up first type comment?

doug.auclair at logicaltypes.com doug.auclair at logicaltypes.com
Sat Apr 21 00:05:05 AEST 2007

Dear Peter,

It seems that the XML representation tools may not be picking up the 
first comment of the first type declared in the interface section, but 
it does pick up comments for the types/preds/funcs after that.

An example of this is graph.m: the XML document does not have the
comment for the graph/2 type (which is the first declaration after
the interface declaration), but it does have the comments for the
other types and preds.

Another issue is that if a type is divided into an abstract type in
the interface and an implementation type (in the case I saw, for a
discriminated union type definition), if the comment explaining the
type is attached to the abstract interface (as it should be for
good documentation purposes) and not by the implementation type, then
the XML representation drops the comment entirely.  I've found a
work-around to this problem is to attach a verbatim, redundant, 
comment to the implementation type; this puts the comment into the XML.

Would you please, however, modify the XML generator so that is does
include the comment of the abstract type to the type XML and also see
if there's a fix to include the comments attached to the first
declared type?

Thank you.

Doug Auclair

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