[mercury-users] [feature request] (slightly) richer XML doc output

doug.auclair at logicaltypes.com doug.auclair at logicaltypes.com
Thu Apr 19 20:20:48 AEST 2007

Dear Peter, you wrote in reply to my XML "which modules included"

>import_module and use_module, it doesn't do the include_modules

Hm, okay.  So, as some libraries are built using the include_module
directive, can the XML documentation system be enhanced to include
modules included by the include_module directive?

Or, is this a Mercury standards thing: should libraries /never/
be constructed with the include_module directive and be constructed
only in some other way?  If so, what is the preferred way to
construct libraries?  If not, then can those modules be included
into the XML document produced?  If not, how can I used this
facility of mmc to build documentation for libraries?

Doug Auclair

P.S. My status so far for the documentation tool I've been building
is that I've modeled "simple"* abstract, equivalance and DU types 
(including HO constructors as well as (possibly recursively-defined)
constructors composed of other types or type variables) and
embedded anchors and hyperlinks to defined and referred types,
respectively, outputting the result as HTML.

* What I mean by "simple" is that I have not yet modeled existential
type vars and typeclass constraints.  I am currently working on that
modelling.  Next is pred/func declarations and then typeclass

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