[mercury-users] importing qcheck as a library?

doug.auclair at logicaltypes.com doug.auclair at logicaltypes.com
Wed Mar 15 10:19:33 AEDT 2006

Dear all,

Hi!  I'm using rotd-2006-03-11 and have installed qcheck as a library:

/extras/quickcheck $ mmake depend
/extras/quickcheck $ mmake
/extras/quickcheck $ mmake check
... qcheck output showing all 100 tests passed ...
/extras/quickcheck $ mmake install

The problem is when I compile an executable using it:

*** Error: error reading file `qcheck.m' to generate dependencies
*** Module `qcheck' is imported or included by module `camera_unit_tests'

Huh?  What is it doing generating dependencies on a source file of a
library?  I'm importing and using libraries just fine in other test
suites, so is there an issue with qcheck?

My Mercury.options file is:

EXTRA_LIB_DIR = <PROJECT_DIR>/lib/mercury \
EXTRA_LIBRARIES = camera qcheck

used by

<PROJECT_DIR> $ mmc --make -lm camera_unit_tests

Doug Auclair

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