[mercury-users] Using libraries with mmc --make

Peter Wang wangp at students.csse.unimelb.edu.au
Mon Aug 14 14:04:55 AEST 2006

On 2006-08-14, Jonathan Morgan <jonmmorgan at gmail.com> wrote:
> I have the following Mmakefile, which is used to link my code with 
> extras/xml.
> Mmakefile:
> EXTRA_LIB_DIRS = /home/stude1/j/jmmorgan/mercury/xml/lib/mercury
> MCFLAGS = --mercury-linkage static
> MLFLAGS=-static
> default_target: mgtk_xml
> depend: mgtk_xml.depend
> clean: mgtk_xml.clean
> However, if I translate it into an ordinary Makefile based on mmc
> --make then it complains that it can't find xml.m and similar files.
> Any idea why this might happen?

I think the problem is that mmc --make requires additional .module_dep
files.  Normally you can get mmake to build and install .module_dep
files by adding --generate-mmc-deps to MCFLAGS but there seems to be a
problem with the XML library (I haven't really looked).  You can build
and install the library with mmc --make instead, e.g.

    mmc -m libxml.install --install-prefix /my/path --no-libgrade

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