[mercury-users] Chart parsing in mercury

Ralph Becket rafe at cs.mu.OZ.AU
Mon Apr 17 12:24:21 AEST 2006

Hi David,

>    I am trying to create a chart parser in Mercury and was just wondering
>    what the state of play was with partially instantiated data structures
>    - i.e are they going to be implemented into the compiler in the near
>    future or is this still as yet undecided?

Partially instantiated data types are supported by solver types (partial
instantiation is currently considered too expensive in terms of runtime
and compiler analysis time to support it for concrete types).  I have
written a Herbrand solver type, which would give you what you want, but
have yet to release it.  Give me a little time to tart it up and I'll
see about adding it to extras.

>    Also has anyone else out there managed to implement a chart parser
>    in mercury as i would be interested in it performance?

Not that I'm aware of, although it wouldn't surprise me if someone had.

-- Ralph
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