[mercury-users] Mercury on VisualC

Jonathan Morgan jon.morgan at optusnet.com.au
Sat Dec 10 22:28:56 AEDT 2005

Julien Fischer wrote:
> On Sat, 10 Dec 2005, Jonathan Morgan wrote:
> > I attempted to build Mercury 0.12.0 with MS VisualC (Visual C++ Toolkit
> > 2003, .NET SDK 1.1), using the instructions given in README.MS-VisualC.
> > failed trying to build the Boehm GC.  Following is some of the output.
> > seems to be failing because the expected file ntwin32.mak is not there.
> > ideas why this might be the case?
> >
> No, although you may want to try the rotd rather than 0.12.0 since the
> former uses a more recent version of the Boehm collector.

When was the last time the VisualC compiler was tested? (I assume it was
tested).  Looking in the cvs repository, it seems that, checking out now,
one, two, three and four years ago, ntwin32.mak was required by NT_MAKFILE
and was not there.  I also see that there has never been an ntwin32.mak, as
it is not in the directory or the attic.  The line also seems to have been
commented out of the Makefile at some times.

It is certainly not something that will be fixed by moving to the latest
version of the compiler.


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