[mercury-users] Installation of Mercury under Cygwin

Wim Vanhoof wva at info.fundp.ac.be
Mon Oct 11 16:17:16 AEST 2004

Hello all,

We are trying to get Mercury running under Windows (with Cygwin) but
the Mercury installation continually raises errors that seem to be related
to the installation of Cygwin.

Hence the question: does there exists a list of what cygwin packages
are exactly needed to get Mercury installed (and running)? So we can
concentrate on getting these correctly installed in the first place.

Thanks in advance for any help,

Wim Vanhoof                                     E-mail: wva at info.fundp.ac.be
University of Namur                             Tel.  ++32(0)
Rue Grandgagnage, 21                            Fax. ++32(0)
B-5000 Namur                            http://www.info.fundp.ac.be/~wva

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