[mercury-users] Structure reuse

Ralph Becket rafe at cs.mu.OZ.AU
Thu Jul 17 10:21:25 AEST 2003

Nancy Mazur, Wednesday, 16 July 2003:
> Perhaps there is a need in such cases of a different annotation... if 
> the programmer is interested in seeing whether some predicate of his can 
> be optimised wrt memory usage, then he might try to declare that using 
> some other (new?) declaration?
> Using these 'hints for reuse', the compiler could try to focus on the 
> optimisation of these locations, and then only give feedback to the 
> programmer about these program points? In that case, the problem you 
> mention above of producing output for non-interesting places is also 
> solved....
> Possible extension, like the pure, impure things:
> p(X::in,...) :-
> 	...
> 	perhaps_unique X = f(... ),
> 	...
> indicating that that deconstruction might, according to the programmer, 
> be the last use of the structure X is pointing to...

I'm currently writing up my uniqueness analysis ideas as a pseudo-
Mercury program (i.e. it gives the semantics, but not, at this point, a
terminating program).  The analysis should automatically detect reusable
cells from dead, unique local constructions.  However, I have not as yet
considered cross-procedure analysis or mode inference.

-- Ralph
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