[mercury-users] intermodule optimisation very flaky

Michael Day mikeday at yeslogic.com
Mon Jan 27 13:57:28 AEDT 2003

> enabled.  In total, we run well over 7500 tests of intermodule optimization,
> every night.  These tests show no regressions. 

My apologies, I was not attempting to disparage the effort put into
testing and quality assurance by the Mercury team, but merely trying to
bring to your awareness a problem that is not currently being demonstrated
by your test cases, or the compilation of the compiler itself. (This is
the second bug I have experienced with intermodule optimisation in this
month alone; the first bug was recently corrected by Simon Taylor).

> But if you have noticed a problem, by all means please submit a bug report.

A brief description of the error is that code that compiles cleanly with
intermodule optimisation disabled turns up lots of these when it is

xml.opt:295: Error: `:- pragma foreign_proc' declaration for function `xml:node_type0/1'
xml.opt:295:   without preceding `func' declaration.

Similar symptoms show up when compiling lex. I'll submit a bug report as
soon as I can.



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