[mercury-users] a theoretical problem

Tom Wouters tom.wouters1 at student.kuleuven.ac.be
Thu Apr 24 22:56:55 AEST 2003

We're working on our thesis -it's about using logic programming for 
robot-control- and we would like some insights on why it would, or 
wouldn't be possible to run Mercury on an embedded processor wich only 
has about 16Kbyte of memory available.
We first tought mayby a stripped-down version of the language might 
produce a runtime small enough to fit in the memory, but we don't realy 
have a good idea how small the runtime could get (since terminal-io libs 
etc aren't nescesairy) without losing the power of backtracking etc.

So the actual question is how would you guys tackle the problem,
and why would(n't) it be possible to run Mercury directly on the 
embedded processor?

Tom & Pieter

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