[mercury-users] Installing a rotd to support high level grade?

Ondrej Bojar oboj7042 at ss1000.ms.mff.cuni.cz
Tue Apr 15 22:56:37 AEST 2003


I do not quite understand the message when installing

using grade `asm_jump.gc' as the default grade for applications
configure: warning: Mercury compiler not yet installed
****    cannot use grade `hlc.gc'
****    using grade `asm_jump.gc' to compile the compiler
****    after installation is complete you should reinstall
****    from scratch so you can use the more efficient
****    grade `hlc.gc'.
using ` asm_jump.gc hlc.gc asm_jump.gc.prof asm_jump.gc.memprof
asm_jump.gc.tr asm_jump.gc.tr.debug hlc.par.gc' as the set of library
grades to install

If I install and set up PATH appropriately, and run sh INSTALL again in
the rotd, I get the same message, that no mercury compiler is ready. The
'mmc' *is* in fact working fine.

If I do not install the high-level-code grade, I get errors like:

gmake: *** No rule to make target `assoc_list.mih', needed by
`bestfirst.o'.  Stop.

...because my code need high-level-code to interact with C. (If I use a
different grade, I get strange errors of bad registers...)

Thanks for help, Andrew.

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