[mercury-users] Prince 1.0

Michael Day mikeday at yeslogic.com
Tue Apr 8 18:03:40 AEST 2003

> Great stuff!

Many thanks to yourself, particularly for contributing lex to Mercury,
which we are using to tokenise CSS files.

> How helpful did you find Mercury?  What about performance?

We found Mercury very helpful, as expressing algorithms for page layout,
CSS parsing and general tree manipulation are where Mercury really shines.

The foreign language interface is essential for integrating with existing
libraries such as libxml and FreeType, and the development of foreign_type
has made this much easier and safer.

Performance at the moment is dominated by font processing, profiling of
runtime costs, grades and garbage collection will have to wait until font
caching arrives in the next release.

Intermodule optimisation works without a hitch these days, thanks to some
debugging work by Simon earlier this year. We use mmc --make rather than
mmake and find it very comfortable to work with, particularly with
--use-grade-subdirs for keeping different grades in parallel.

Several additions to Mercury that would be useful:

 - type classes with functional dependencies
 - lex with UNICODE support and pre-compiled lexers



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