[mercury-users] segfaults with message mentioning infinite recursion

Peter Moulder pmoulder at csse.monash.edu.au
Wed Apr 2 20:03:03 AEST 2003

On Mon, Mar 31, 2003 at 03:51:30PM +1000, Peter Moulder wrote:

> Without having investigated much yet, it now looks probably to be a
> problem with the mercury_tcltk interface in the extras directory,
> which uses C code and was written before --high-level-code existed.

Again for those not subscribed to mercury-bugs:

Said C code needs to be used with a version of the Boehm garbage
collector compiled with -DALL_INTERIOR_POINTERS.
This is mentioned in the documentation in the mercury_tcltk directory,
which I hadn't read until this week, after isolating the trigger of the
bug to mercury_tcltk code.  I don't know why this segfault seems to
occur only with hlc.

The mercury_tcltk documentation suggests recompiling the libgc from the
Mercury distribution, though so far things seem to work if one just uses
LD_PRELOAD=<a default build of a standard libgc install>.

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