[mercury-users] status of .NET support

Wendelin Reich wreich at gmx.net
Tue Sep 3 07:47:49 AEST 2002

Dear All,

I fear that I am about to ask a pretty frequent question, but scanning
through the archives of the Mercury mailing lists, reading
README.DotNet, the documentation and related files, I still wonder what
has happened to .NET support in Mercury. The page under
http://www.cs.mu.oz.au/research/mercury/dotnet.html is obviously from
last year, although the information it gives might still be up-to-date.
But all this happened like 14-16 months ago, and .NET is already about
to become a huge success, I think. Did Mercury's .NET-support make any
significant progress since then?

Having read the Mercury tutorial and transition guide, I feel like
Mercury is what Prolog always should have been, but before I commit
myself to this beautiful language I got to know how well it will
integrate on new platforms. Could anyone be so kind and point me and the
list to information as to the status of .NET? Is .NET-support sleeping?
Is the compiler now fully IL-compatible? And most of all: is the
"partial port of the Mercury library" (so written under the above link)
now complete? Will there be any information regarding how to *use*
.NET-classes in Mercury? According to Microsoft's own
supported-language-list, Mercury is the only declarative .NET-language,
so I really really hope that .NET-support is not being discontinued.

Thank you very much for any hints from an aspiring Mercury-user,
Wendelin Reich, Uppsala University, Sweden

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