[mercury-users] Getting the cygwin version to run on windows

Doug Ransom doug_ransom at telus.net
Mon Mar 11 07:43:52 AEDT 2002

I have installed cygwin, gcc, & mercury.  I even have the path set to include the correct directory for mmc.

Unfortunately the cygwin shell does not recognize mmc, mdb, etc.  probably because of the file extension -- running 'sh mmc' seems to start up the compiler, although I have not run any compiles yet.  

Is there a shell setting or environment  variable required for the shell to pick up the mercury commands?

It is really hard to get mercury going under windows. Is there any work on a port that does not require cygwin?  Perhaps if mercury can compile itself to the ECMA common language runtime (AKA the  Microsoft .net common language runtime) cygwin won't be required?

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