[mercury-users] Dispatch tables? Curried functions?

Douglas Michael Auclair dauclair at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 6 03:32:26 AEST 2002

Dear all,

Thank you for your responses.  I used out(func(in) = out is det), and it 
worked fine for currying functions.

To the suggestions of using the ROTD:  I'd love to, but I'm using Mac 
OS-X.1.  The ROTD does not compile for me (it quits at boehm_gc/ with an 
error about an unterminated symbol in some assembly code).  The 0.10.1 
release compiles fine for me, however.  Does anyone have a copy of the ROTD 
on Mac OS-X?  Instructions for building same?  When will the Mercury group 
release 0.10.2?

Doug Auclair

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