[mercury-users] random quantification suggestion

Michael Day mikeday at bigpond.net.au
Mon Jun 3 21:49:23 AEST 2002

Just a piece of random syntax sugar for quantification; replace this:

:- some [T] pred foo(T).

with this:

:- pred foo(T) for some [T].

Same thing for all, although it wouldn't be needed as much:

:- pred foo(T) for all [T].

It would require an operator "for" with the appropriate precedence and so
forth; I don't really have any idea if it's feasible. But anyone reading
quantification out aloud will invariably add "for", and being able to
write it *afterwards* seems more natural for predicate declarations.

Might or might not work with type class constraints:

:- pred foo(T) for some [T] => store(T).

Doesn't look too bad, hmm?


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