[mercury-users] Mac OS-X port?

Douglas Michael Auclair dauclair at hotmail.com
Sat Jun 1 11:58:06 AEST 2002

>richardhagen at mac.com wrote:
>I believe the required patches made it into the CVS tree, and should come 
>standard with modern times release-of-the-day releases.
>If you want the instructions for patching the Mercury 0.10.1 release, then 
>skid over to

Thanks for your help!  I have Mercury 0.10.1 running on my G4 (Mac OS-X.1).  
I tried compiling the ROTD (with and without the patches mentioned in the 
link); no luck, Boehm's GC did not compile.  It stopped with the following 
error: "powerpc_macosx_mach_dep.s:18: unterminated character constant".  I'm 
no good at debugging assembly, but I think it's an incompatibility between 
whatever version of GCC Boehm expects to Mac OS-X's version (a previous 
error complained gcc did not exist for the definition of AS in 
scripts/mgnuc, converting it to cc caused the error in this paragraph's 

Also, I saw a bunch of archive files at the ftp site for various platforms, 
but not for Mac OS-X.  Would the Mercury group like me to upload my port?  
If so, to where do I upload it?

Doug Auclair

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