[mercury-users] Re: Compilation errors with Mercury and GTK--

Andy Coates coates_andy at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 6 00:33:22 AEDT 2002

> >
> > In file included from skaMain.cc:3:
> > skaNLP.h:30: `MR_Word' was not declared in this scope
> > skaNLP.h:30: parse error before `,'
> > skaNLP.h:36: syntax error before `;'
>It's very difficult to figure out exactly what is going on without a little
>more context; what's at line 30 of skaNLP.h and immediately before it?
>(`MR_Word' is supposed to be defined in "mercury_types.h",
>which is included by "mercury_imp.h".)

Its the function prototype for the exported function from skaNLP.m (skaNLP.h 
is produced by mmc, not by me!)

it is of the form:
m_parse( MR_Word input, MR_Word* output);

(when compiled into highlevel code, skaNLP.h does not include mercury_imp.h, 
but mercury.h. Does this change the scope of MR_Word?)

If I wish to use the type MR_Word in skaMain.cc should I include 
mercury_imp.h or just mercury.h? Won't this just bring back the problems 
with namespaces?

>Try deleting the definitions of MGNUC and ML from your Mmakefile.

If I do this, how will mmake be able to compile the c++ code? I presume only 
the method of using mmc to compile the mercury code, and then using g++ to 
compile them all together will work.



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