[mercury-users] Re: Compilation errors with Mercury and GTK--

Andy Coates coates_andy at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 5 22:58:44 AEDT 2002

>Previous versions of the Mercury header files were not completely
>namespace-clean.  This can lead to name clashes if you try to mix
>them with other headers that are also not namespace-clean.
>The problem is mostly fixed in 0.10.1, but we left a lot of the
>problematic names still defined by default, to avoid breaking
>existing code which depends on them.  But they can be disable
>If that doesn't solve the problem, try building using the latest
>release-of-the-day release.  Or try using `--high-level-code'
>(in which case you need mercury.h rather than mercury_imp.h).

thanks for the advice,

Compiling the NLP module with highlevel code enabled like so:
mmc -EcH --no-line-numbers skaNLP

and including mercury.h instead, seemed to yield 'better errors' since I now 
get the same errors no matter which order I put the #includes which i guess 
is a good thing! However, I have no clue of how to solve them. (compiling 
using make and g++)

In file included from skaMain.cc:3:
skaNLP.h:30: `MR_Word' was not declared in this scope
skaNLP.h:30: parse error before `,'
skaNLP.h:36: syntax error before `;'

I also get similar errors from skaMain.cc since it does not know of MR_Word 

Is there an extra file I need to include somewhere?

If I try the other approach, ie using mmake (with g++) passing the 
-DMERCURY_NO_BOOTSTRAP_H option, and also using the highlevel code flag, 
running mmake depend, followed by mmake yields many errors of the following 

bash-2.05$ mmake
rm -f skaNLP.c
mmc --compile-to-c --high-level-code         skaNLP.m > skaNLP.err 2>&1
MERCURY_C_COMPILER=g++ mgnuc --high-level-code     -g        -c skaNLP.c -o 
skaNLP.c:38: uninitialized const 
skaNLP.m:221: redefinition of `const struct MR_EnumFunctorDesc *const 
skaNLP.m:247: ANSI C++ forbids implicit conversion from `void *' in 

Much of this is way over my head, and I'm going round in circles reading the 
documentation, so any tips would be great.

Attached my Mmakefile incase you'd like to see it.

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